Community Seed Bank

ZMAG's Community Seed Bank was founded in 2018 on the Recycled Estate in Vukomerić. It aims to contribute to the strengthening and improvement of the local seed system and the preservation of the greatest possible diversity of cultivated plants, with an emphasis on traditional and indigenous varieties. Greater crop diversity and the use of own seeds in the long run means greater resilience and adaptability of agroecosystems to biological and environmental challenges, and is therefore important for organic agriculture.

The Community Seed Bank is designed as an informal and locally managed institution owned by its members, open to the public, food producers, small-scale farmers, gardeners and consumers. We pay great attention to education, raising awareness and sharing knowledge about the importance of preserving local varieties, as well as promoting the sovereignty of seeds and food. All interested can support this project by joining the Community Seed Bank in one of the categories - gardener, sympathizer and patron.

In addition to running the Community Seed Bank, ZMAG organizes and participates in seed exchanges throughout Croatia. Our seed exchanges in Zagreb were known to attract over 300 visitors, they represent a moment of "live" contact among gardeners, and the possibility of exchanging information about different varieties. At the same time, they strengthen the network of local communities, as well as the will to persist in preserving traditional varieties, thus sending a clear message that seeds are no one's property and that everyone has an equal responsibility to take care of the common collection.

The project is implemented in cooperation with family-run farms, gardeners, civil society organizations: Plantation, Permaculture Dalmatia, Ospera, Ama Center, Čelinac Seed Library, Organization Informo, Nešto više, Gaia Kosovo, Organization Duga, Organization Gredica, Solidary Exchange Group Zapad Rijeka, Organization Zeleno zlato, Eco region Kostrena, Permaculture Dalmatia, Banovina Heritage Interpretation Centre. Also Arche Noah, Community Seed Banks Academy, Let’s Liberate Diversity and Liveseed.

How to become a member of CSB?

Whether you are a gardener, small farmer, hobbyist, enthusiast, or you just want to financially support the work of the Community Seed Bank, you can also become a member of CSB and take advantage of various membership benefits, including free seed packets, manuals and discounts on workshops organized by ZMAG.

1) Fill out a short online application form

2) Pay a one-time donation in the amount of 250,00 HRK for the Gardener (actively participates in regeneration) and the Sympathizer membership, or a voluntary contribution for the Sponsor membership.

Donation payment details:

Method of payment: transaction account
IBAN: HR5324020061100095765
Payment description: CSB donation

Please send payment confirmation of the annual membership fee in the form of a photo of the payment slip or an attachment from internet banking to


Implementation time

June 2018 - June 2020 

Total project value

623.000,00 HRK

Contact person

Sendy Osmičević, Project Manager 
Phone: +38591 5129 207