EmploySSE – Promoting employment through Social and Solidarity Economy


is a project funded by the Erasmus + program "Strategic Partnerships in Vocational Education and Training" (KA202). The project educates VET teachers and trainers about the potentials of the Social and Solidarity Economy to be included in their classes and curricula. In addition to ZMAG, two other organizations from the European Network for Solidarity Economy RIPESS are involved in the project, and the project is being implemented in cooperation with partners from Greece, Italy, the Czech Republic and France. The headquarters of the main project partner - the Institute of Labour, is in Greece, in the Exarcheia district, which is the seat of numerous progressive initiatives, organizations and social movements.

The project aims to integrate the concept, the methodology and the content of the Social and Solidarity Economy into the vocational education and training system.

The purpose of the planned activities during the project is to promote Social and Solidarity Economy and sustainable employment in the labour market, provide teachers and trainers of vocational education innovative pedagogical methods that use the concepts of Social and Solidarity Economy, strengthen the capacity of trainers and participants with new competencies and knowledge of Social and Solidarity Economy, and ensure easier access to the labour market for graduates of vocational education.

Through a range of educational programs and publications, the worlds of Social and Solidarity Economy and vocational education will be brought closer together.

As part of the project, a manual and training modules on Social and Solidarity Economy for teachers of vocational education will be developed, and through conferences and training programs, in addition to education, experiences and examples of good practice will be exchanged.

The Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) includes a wide range of practices that encompass the economic, social, environmental, political and communicational dimensions. SSE is a growing movement that wants to initiate transformative changes in order to increase the overall social development and quality of life of people, and it is led by active citizens who want systemic change and a society that serves both people and the planet. SSE is a movement rooted in local initiatives that are increasingly globally networked and operate in a broad political framework based on solidarity, equality, human rights, community and cooperation.


Main project partner



ADEPES Mouvement pour l'Économie solidaire Occitanie (France) – ADEPES
Ekumenická akademie (The Chech Republic) – EA

Implementation time

October 2019 – September 2021

​Project value

Total project value is 265.391,00 €, and ZMAG’s share is 32.910,00 €.


Contact person

Vera Gjokaj, Project Manager
Email:  vera.gjokaj@zmag.hr
Phone: +38595 7511 435


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