Beekeeping workshop


The beekeeping workshop is divided into theoretical and practical part, and participants in this workshop have the opportunity to learn more about bee biology, hive type and type of honey, visit the apiary and work with bees, and finally - taste various types of honey. ZMAG's beekeeping workshop is organized in cooperation with the Tomislav Antolčić family farm, known for its 80-year-long tradition of beekeeping. Great-grandfather Franjo Čunčić started beekeeping in 1935 for his own needs, and over the years he started producing honey for sale. All the knowledge and skills of honey production, as well as the secrets of beekeeping have been passed from generation to generation, until today, to Tomislav, who continues the tradition of beekeeping with his family. In addition to honey, pollen and propolis, they also offer honey blends to improve immunity and honey with various extras. Over the years, their products have received numerous recognitions, diplomas and awards.