Good Economy

We develop an economy that is fair, solidary and responsible

Good Economy is the economy that is good. It is the economy that supports the quality of life throughout the community, creates plenty of chances and opportunities to fulfil our needs without endangering others, accepts responsibility and nurtures solidarity, uses and shares resources fairly, and respects ecosystems’ sustainability.

ZMAG develops Good Economy in accordance with permaculture ethics, principles and design, with the aim of increasing the quality and quantity of resources in the economy around us. The use of these resources in economy needs to be accessible, in a fair and solidary way, to everyone - especially those who participated in their creation, and to include in decision-making processes all those affected by such a decision, respecting the most democratic participatory decision-making. In the economy these are, for example, employees, users, the local community, the interested public…

The Good Economy aspires to present its beneficial impact on society and the value that profit is not an end in itself. We are not only guided by measuring this impact in financial terms, nor do we believe that all the value of one's work or economic activity can and should be expressed only in money, but we use tools that look at this need holistically and permaculturally. ZMAG in Croatia, together with partners from the Cooperative for Ethical Financing, promotes, advocates and uses the measurement of social impact with the help of Matrix 5.0, which is developed through the work of the Economy for the Common Good.

In the field of Good Economy, ZMAG conducts various educational and promotional activities, including organizing lectures on Good Economy and the Conference on Good Economy, implementing the Partnership for Social and Solidarity Economy and EmploySSE projects, advocating the ideas of Good Economy through practical projects Cooperative for Good Economy and Food for good - short supply chains, and by measuring social impact through Matrix 5.0 Economy for the Common Good.

ZMAG is a member of the Solidarity Economy Europe Network RIPESS EU where we also act as members of the Coordination Committee. RIPESS is our natural network because in that network economy is seen as part of the society and the environment, as something that should also help the transformative practices of creating a fairer and more sustainable society.