Who is who

Antonia Banović

EdUtopia 21 - creating a sustainable future Project Manager

After studying and working in France, Belgium and Hungary on the programs of green European policies, social entrepreneurship and collaborative economy, Antonia joined ZMAG in 2020 in order to work as EdUtopia 21 Project Manager on ZMAG's educational programs for children and develop collaborative programs with schools.


Sanja Duvnjak

Project Administrator

After completing her studies in English and French, Sanja worked as a teacher in foreign language schools for a number of years. During this period, she came into contact with adventure tourism, became an adventure guide, and later a member of the office team as an account and regional manager. It is exactly during this time that her interest in sustainable development began to develop and, after working on projects in Tanzania and Cambodia, she has become the newest member of ZMAG's team.


Vera Gjokaj

Development Programs Manager

Future Waldorf teacher. She is currently working at ZMAG as the association's Development Programs Manager. She works on creating practical and applicable solutions for sustainable living models with the aim of creating a solidary, just and humane society. She lives in Vukomerić and she is learning to grow food biodynamically.


Mateja Medić

Office Manager, Sustainable Living Workshops Manager

Mateja Medić is ZMAG's long-time office manager, co-organizer of the Conference on Good Economy and Our Good Food, a conference on food system sustainability. She is also Our Good Food Project Manager. She enjoys educating children and adults on how to live sustainably through various lectures and creative workshops with the focus on topics like: healthy nutrition and sustainable consumption, waste and creative reuse of discarded items and materials...


Sendy Osmičević

Community Seed Bank Project Manager

Permaculturist and environmental activist, Sendy Osmičević has a master's degree in Urban Forestry, Nature and Environment Protection. She also completed a 72-hour course in permaculture and the Permaculture Academy, and did her vocational training at ZMAG. She is currently working at ZMAG as the Community Seed Bank Project Manager.


Kristijan Perlić

Builder and designer of massive rocket furnaces

Construction Manager of the Recycled Estate in Vukomerić who has been researching and building massive rocket furnaces for 10 years. For the last 5 years, Kristijan has been building houses from hard baled straw, green roofs and clay mortar, and providing education in these fields.


Dražen Šimleša

Social change and good economy activist

Fascinated by the idea of creating a recycled estate, Dražen has been a part of ZMAG’s story almost from the very beginning. Today he is the coordinator of the Centres of Knowledge program and the Manager of the Cooperative for Good Economy. He is the coordinator of the European Network for Solidarity Economy - RIPESS. Dražen is also teaching far and wide about the practical application of sustainable development and solutions for a better world.


Matko Šišak

Recycled Estate and Natural Building Academy Manager

The initiator and manager of the Vukomerić Recycled Estate and one of the founders of ZMAG. For the last 20 years, he has been researching, practicing and promoting ecological technologies and innovations in the fields of construction, do-it-yourself culture and permaculture. As an educator and a consultant, he systematically shares his knowledge from the aforementioned fields with the general and professional public. He is the author of several books and publications, the editor of a dozen editions from the Green Tools publications. He is the Natural Building Academy Manager.


Ivana Turković

Certified aromatherapist

She completed a 72-hour permaculture course. She is the manager of the natural cosmetics workshops at the ZMAG association. She is currently attending education at the AromaVita Institute for Aromatherapy.


Marija Zrnić

Community Seed Bank Project Assistant

She holds a degree in agricultural engineering. During her studies, she completed a course in permaculture design and launched the Student Garden initiative at the Faculty of Agriculture. She is actively involved in the topics of food sovereignty, environmental protection and animal rights. She has been volunteering at ZMAG since 2019, and is currently an assistant on the Community Seed Bank project. She is interested in the education and development of permaculture, with an emphasis on regenerative plant cultivation systems and seed storage.