Social and Solidarity Economy Centre

Social and Solidarity Economy Centre

Support centre for the development of Social and Solidarity Economy in Croatia (SSE Centre) in ZMAG provides support for local and regional self-government units and civil society organizations in the development of good practice models. The Centre is a support mechanism for the development of strategies, plans and projects based on the principles of Social and Solidarity Economy, which will be available in the long run to all initiatives in Croatia that want to launch and implement development projects and programs in their communities.

The SSE Centre is launched as part of the Partnership for Social and Solidarity Economy project, which is implemented in cooperation with the Swiss partner, the Chamber of Social and Solidarity Economy of Geneva, and Croatian partners - the Cities of Ludbreg and Pregrada. The project is funded through the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Program implemented by the Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia through the call Strengthening Croatian-Swiss Partnerships for Local Socio-Economic Growth and Development.

The Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) includes a wide range of practices that encompass the economic, social, environmental, political and communicational dimensions. SSE is a growing movement that wants to initiate transformative changes in order to increase the overall social development and quality of life of people, and it is led by active citizens who want systemic change and a society that serves both people and the planet. SSE is a movement rooted in local initiatives that are increasingly globally networked and operate in a broad political framework based on solidarity, equality, human rights, community and cooperation.


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