Recycled Estate

Recycled Estate

The Recycled Estate is our base. It is a place that has given us space to experiment, to acquire many skills, a place that has allowed us to make numerous mistakes and given us the opportunity to correct them. It is a place where we have been learning how to get to know nature and a sustainable way of life, but above all, it has always encouraged us to get to know ourselves more deeply and the dear people with whom we share this adventure.

Today, the Recycled Estate is an educational centre where we run many of our programs. The estate is located in the village of Vukomerić, only 30 km from Zagreb. In the immediate vicinity of the educational centre, integrated into the village, there are plots with houses that, over the years, have been inhabited by some of the members of our association.

How to get to there

If you would like to visit us, please contact us on in order to make an appointment.


If you are coming by car from the direction of Zagreb, the easiest way is to go in the direction of Velika Gorica. Follow Večeslava Holjevca Avenue and turn left at the American Embassy (direction Lukavec). After the overpass you will arrive at a T intersection where you need to turn left. After that, just follow the main road and you will pass through the villages of Hrašće, Lukavec and Markuševec. After the sign Dubranec you should turn right (there is a signpost for Vukomerić) and soon after that left. When you arrive in the village on the left you will have a sawmill. Here continue straight (get off the main road) and after about 200 meters turn left along a small road into the valley.

If you are coming by public transport, you can get relatively close by bus and one of our members can pick you up, but be sure to arrange details in advance.