LAG (Local Action Group) Zrinska gora-Turopolje
Monitoring Committee of the Operational Program Effective Human Resources 2014-2020
PentaHelix working group for the development of the Action Plan for Energy Sustainable Development and Adaptation to Climate Change of the City of Velika Gorica
RIPESS (European Network for Solidarity Economy)
Rural Development Network of the Ministry of Agriculture
ZDE (Cooperative for Good Economy)
ZEF (Cooperative for Ethical Financing)


AEGEE / European Students' Forum
Arche Noah, Schiltern, Austria
Art organization Crvena
Association of Cities of Croatia
Association of Plant Genetic Resources, Albania

Banovina Heritage Interpretation Center

Centre for Peace Studies, Zagreb
City Library Dugave
City Library Juraj Šižgorić
City Library Marko Marulić, Split
City of Ludbreg
City of Pregrada
City of Velika Gorica
Collocation Center for Climate change
Cooperative Zelena mreža
Croatian Chamber of Architects
Croatian radio
Croatian Rural Development Network

Čelinac Seed Library, Bosnia and Herzegovina

District School Donja Lomnica
District School Dubranec
District School Gradići
District School Lukavec
District School Rakitovec
District School Šiljakovina
District School Velika Buna

Earth & Crafts Center for Earth Architecture, Mošorin, Vojvodina
Embassy of the Republic of France in Croatia
Energy Cities - The European association of cities in energy transition
European Coordination Let's Liberate Diversity
European Federation of Energy Cooperatives - Rescoop
European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Climate KIC)

Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb
Faculty of Geotechnics Varaždin
Family farm "Drvo života" (Tree of life), Ugarci
Family farm Tomislav Antolčić

Gallery Miroslav Kraljevic
Geneva Social and Solidarity Economy Chamber
GOOD Initiative
Green Energy Cooperative
Green Istria

Institute for Political Ecology
Istrian Librarians Association

Karlovac High School

LAG (Local Action Group) Zrinska Gora Turopolje
Library Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević
Liveseed - a network to encourage the organic cultivation of seeds and plants in Europe

Ministry of Agriculture / Rural Development Network

National Foundation for Civil Society Development
NGO Ama – Center for the Care of People and Nature, Belgrade
NGO Argonaut
NGO Bioteka
NGO Duga iznad Krke
NGO Eko-Zadar
NGO Gaia Kosovo
NGO Gredica
NGO Odraz
NGO Permakultura Dalmacija
NGO Smart
NGO Snaga žene
NGO Zero Waste Croatia
Nikola Tesla Technical Museum
Nyéléni - Europe and Central Asia Food Sovereignty Network

Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia

Primary School Eugen Kumičić
Primary School Eugen Kvaternik
Primary School Novo Čiče
Primary School Vukovina
Public Open University Samobor
Public Open University Zelina

Rete Semi Rurali Seed Preservation and Rural Development Network
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung South East Europe

Society for biodynamic management "Duga"
Society for Social Ecology "Zeleno zlato"

Terre Solidaire Foundation, Paris, France
The University Library of Pula
Transform Europe Network - European Network for Alternative Thinking and Political Dialogue
Transition Initiative Rijeka

Union of Organic Farmers

Zagreb County
Zelena akcija
Zelena knjižnica