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All over the world there are numerous examples and stories how people are more and more worried for the future of the planet, for stability of our climate and world ecosystems. Unfortunately, the common feeling is fear. And from that we have apathy and pessimism. And from all over the world people stress how they need innovative approaches, good case story, and practical and truly solutions for our societies to become more sustainable and mutually supportive. That is why we need to work more on dissemination of information and knowledge, more on practical skills, appropriate technologies and education for sustainable living.

Green Network of Activist Groups is a NGO that gather organic gardeners, practitioners of environmentally friendly technologies, permaculture designers, academic researchers and social activists. Main purpose of the organisation is a provision of education for utilisation of environmentally sound technologies in agriculture, housing and energy production.
Basic activity are practical workshops for public and partners on renewable energy and energy efficiency, permaculture and eco-systems design, organic agriculture and urban gardening, all derived from real-life projects implemented by organisation’s members, or through the core project – educational centre near Zagreb - Recycled Farm on 6ha of land.  The UNDP selected in 2004 the group as "one of the best examples of youth activism" for project "Recycled Farm" and particularly mentioned project in the UN's global development network report: "Marginalisation of Youth". Likewise, Recycled Estate is recognized in the Program for Environment Protection of Zagrebačka County and listed as one of the Measures of sustainable development in rural areas on the territory of Zagrebačka County (Table 97, C1M9, page 193.).

Recycled Estate is a living place, but also an open space for learning and experiments. Today it is well-know in public area in Croatia and region, because of renewable energy resources use, buildings from natural materials, green roofs, bio-cleaners for waste water, permaculture gardening, natural cosmetics production etc.
As we have been strengthening our capacity and knowledge, we started to organize education not only on Recycled Estate, but in partners’ places as well.

In GNAG we are aware of influence of past on our region, so we respect strong combination of intermediate/alternative technology and permaculture together with youth and peace work. That is why GNAG was one of the founding members of Balkan Ecovillage Network, local initiative from region that works on creation of practical demonstration projects.

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Vukomerić 23/4
10418 Dubranec
tel. +385 1/5620-794, fax. +385 1/4667-629,ć

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